Manufacturing & Environment

New York workers are among the most productive in the nation.  New York’s Gross Domestic Product per employee is more than 30 percent greater than the national average and ranks fourth nationwide. Our average annual pay is greater than most leading states and our training and education resources are one of our most sought-after assets.
The Manufacturing Assistance Program (MAP) was established to assist New York State manufacturers investing in capital projects that will improve competitiveness or productivity. The program, administered by Empire State Development (ESD), is designed to help increase the economic strength of this important industry sector and safeguard jobs. MAP provides grants of up to $1 million to qualified New York State businesses and encourages manufacturers to invest in projects that will significantly increase the productivity and competitiveness of their operations. Manufacturers are defined as firms that transform materials through mechanical, chemical or physical means into new value-added products or components.
Through its Environmental Services Unit, New York State can help your business improve productivity and competitiveness through activities that enhance environmental performance. We can assist New York businesses and non-profit organizations that are engaged in recycling/reuse/remanufacturing; waste reduction; pollution prevention; and manufacturing from recycled feedstocks. Funding is available for three particular categories: capital projects; research, development and demonstration projects; and technical assistance projects. Addressing small businesses, we have a program that provides free and confidential environmental compliance assistance with local, state, and federal regulations.
New York State and the electric and gas utilities serving the State offer a variety of energy cost savings programs to help reduce business costs, preserve and create jobs, and encourage new investment in New York. One of the most successful is the Power for Jobs program, which provides low-cost electricity for businesses that expand or remain in New York. Since its inception in early 1998, Power for Jobs has helped create 12,000 jobs and maintain more than 256,000 jobs at 647 businesses and not-for-profit organizations across the State.


For more information, contact Empire State Development at 1-800-STATE-NY or visit your ESD Regional Office.


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