ESDC Board of Directors Meeting Archives

September 14, 2010



Credit Enhancement of the Private Development at the World Trade Center

Kennedy Plaza Apartments Residential Project

Joint Dredging Plan

World Trade Center Utilities Restoration and Infrastructure Rebuilding Program

Discretionary Project - Cold Spring Harbor

Kolmar Working Capital

Medline Capital

Binder & Binder Capital

Discretionary Project - Healthy Foods

Restore New York - Oswego Stevedore Project

Restore New York - Troy Downtown Waterfront Development

Restore New York - Newburg Dubois Street

Restore New York - Camillus Downtown Redevelopment

Restore New York - Romulous Redevelopment

Non-Discretionary - Carnegie Hall-Studio Tower Renovation Phase III

Non-Discretionary - Village Lofts Capital

Non-Discretionary - Griffis Air Force Base Redevelopment

Non-Discretionary - NY Industrial Retention Network

Non-Discretionary - Make the Road New York-Small Business Community Survey

Non-Discretionary - Syracuse University-Technology Commercialization

Non-Discretionary - Lower East Side District Management Association

Non-Discretionary - Metropolitan Development Association of Syracuse and Central New York

Non-Discretionary - Capital Region LOC

Non-Discretionary - Seneca Electrical Infrastructure

Non-Discretionary - Sunset Park District Management Association

Non-Discretionary - Church Avenue District Management Association

Non-Discretionary - YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County

Non-Discretionary - FM Howell Fulfillment Facility Construction

Non-Discretionary - Town of Walworth-Recreation Lodge Construction

Non-Discretionary - Town of Marilla-Waterline Upgrade

Non-Discretionary - 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum

Non-Discretionary - Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Non-Discretionary - Oyster Bay Historical Society

Non-Discretionary - Roycroft Campus Corporation

Non-Discretionary - City of Beacon Police Department

Non-Discretionary - Village of Fort Edward

Non-Discretionary - Dutchess County Historical Society

Non-Discretionary - Hibernian House of Rockland

Non-Discretionary - Pederson-Krag Center

Non-Discretionary - Schenectady County Historical Society

Non-Discretionary - Town of Wallkill

Non-Discretionary - Village of Warwick

Non-Discretionary - Jamestown Renaissance Corporation

Non-Discretionary - James Prendergast Library Association

Non-Discretionary - Mt Morris Library Association

Non-Discretionary - Queensborough Community College

Non-Discretionary - Hollis-Bellaire- Queens Village-Bellerose Athletic Association

Non-Discretionary - SUNY Cobleskill-Fisheries and Wildlife Equipment