Bronx Psychiatric Center Land Use Improvement Project

A 34-acre medical, office and educational campus to further establish the Northern Bronx as a premier healthcare destination

This Project will redevelop a 34-acre portion of the New York State Office of Mental Health’s Bronx Psychiatric Center campus in the Morris Park neighborhood of the Bronx into a premier healthcare destination.

The redevelopment of this land will expand the existing Hutchinson Metro Center, adding nearly 2 million square feet of medical and other commercial offices, college/trade school space, accessory residential space, retail and a hotel.  Dedicated community facility space, more than eight acres of open space and parking will also be part of the Project. The redevelopment fulfills the goals of a 2013 Request for Proposals and will create new jobs and stimulate economic activity in the area. 

Three existing buildings formerly used by the Office of Mental Health will be renovated and expanded. Six new buildings for commercial and medical offices, accessory use, retail and parking will also be built, in two phases. The Project includes the replacement of four existing baseball fields with two new, state-of-the-art baseball diamonds and accompanying amenities, publicly accessible walking and bike paths, and other new open space amenities.  New roads will also be constructed to provide circulation within the Development Site and connections to the existing street network.  New bike and pedestrian paths will connect visitors to the future Morris Park Metro-North station nearby.

This unique mix of uses promises to create new jobs and economic vibrancy, further establishing the Bronx as a commercial and medical hub.