Buffalo Avenue Micro-Grant Program

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The Buffalo Avenue Micro-Grant program is intended to stabilize existing structures in the Buffalo Avenue Heritage District by providing financial assistance to property owners and business operators.  The goal of the micro-grant program is to fist bring the exterior of the buildings in the Buffalo Avenue Heritage District up to code through building improvements, and then to enhance the look of the neighborhood through facade improvements. 

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The Buffalo Avenue district, generally encompassing lands south of Rainbow Boulevard and extending from John B. Daly Boulevard (Quay Street) to Old Main Street, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the City of Niagara Falls. The neighborhood was once home to some of the “first families” of Niagara Falls-including Augustus Porter and General Parkhurst Whitney.

The Buffalo Avenue Micro-Grant program was created in 2009 by USA Niagara and is intended to help fund smaller-scale exterior improvements which improve upon safety and upgrade codes in the Buffalo Avenue Heritage District.

A matching grant of up to $10,000 will be provided for projects including, but not limited to:

  • Building Improvements
    • Restoration and/or replacement of exterior building features—roofs, porches, steps, clapboard/stucco, windows, etc.
  • Facade Improvements
    • Incorporation of exterior visual/landscape amenities that add to the visitor and/or patron experience—landscaped courtyards, exterior sitting areas, gazebos, etc.
    • Repair/installation of site improvements—decorative fencing, retaining walls, driveways, parking areas, etc.
    • Painting the exterior of the building.
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  • The building is located in the eligible area within the Buffalo Avenue Heritage District (see map in application).
  • The applicant must be the owner of the property or have the property owner’s written approval.
  • All property tax payments must be current.
  • The exterior of the building must be up to code. If the building exterior is not up to code the homeowner should apply for micro-grant funds to correct any violations. Façade improvement funding may be sought at the same time, but reimbursement will not be provided unless the exterior code violations are properly corrected.
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How to Apply

The Buffalo Avenue Micro-Grant Program application is available here.  For questions, contact the USA Niagara Development Corporation offices at (716) 284-2556.  All submitted applications will be reviewed by City of Niagara Falls and USAN staff, who reserve the right to reject any and all applications received.