Build Now-NY Program

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The Build Now-NY Program provides Shovel Ready Certification to properties that meet the criteria for three types of development:

  • High-Tech Manufacturing
  • Warehouse/Distribution/Logistics
  • Multi-tenant Business and Technology Parks


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Having a Shovel Ready Certified site means that the local developer has worked proactively with NYS to address all major permitting issues prior to a business expressing interest in the location. This advance work creates a site where construction can begin rapidly once a prospective business decides to develop a facility there. By reducing the time it takes to begin construction, New York State and its local partners are able to provide valuable savings to the business, as well as create job opportunities for local residents at a faster rate.

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Build Now-NY & Shovel Ready Sites

To see a complete list of all Build Now-NY and Shovel Ready certified sites, click on the regions below:

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Eligible Applicants

  • Municipalities
  • Local economic development organizations
  • Industrial development agencies
  • Public authorities
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Real estate developers
  • Property owners and developers
  • Other businesses and agencies engaged in economic and real estate development

Ineligible Properties

  • Sites zoned or planned for residential, retail or commercial development
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How to Apply

To have a site certified as Shovel Ready by New York State:

  1. Complete the Shovel Ready Self Evaluation Checklist, including documentation.
  2. Download the application (as a PDF or Word file) and complete it.
  3. Only when all of the characteristics and suitability criteria are met, and all of the required surveys, studies and tasks are completed and documented, should an application be submitted.
  4. Send application (including an electronic version) to:
    David Whipple
    Strategic Business Division
    Empire State Development
    625 Broadway, 8th floor Albany, NY 12245

For questions about the Build Now-NY/Shovel Ready Program, please refer to the Shovel Ready FAQsContact us, or call (518) 292-5257.