Program Overview
Business Mentor NY is a critical component of the State' s effort to assist businesses as they recover and rebuild from Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. By completing a simple application, the small business identifies issues, concerns or challenges that he/she would like to address through mentoring and are then matched with individuals from the private sector who are well-positioned to work with the entrepreneur to address those concerns. Through Business Mentor NY, businesses can get answers to simple questions or engage in longer-term relationships. This is a free program for small businesses and our network of mentors participates on a voluntary basis. A facilitated web platform will be made available in the spring of 2014, until then, please submit a paper application to join the program.

Small Business Mentoring
Business mentoring is FREE counsel, advice, and support provided by experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to emerging entrepreneurs and business owners. Mentorship can be a powerful tool to help entrepreneurs get their businesses back on track or bring them to the next level. The network of mentors includes lawyers, accountants, business consultants, successful entrepreneurs, and other seasoned professionals. Mentors can assist small businesses with a wide range of issues, including: debt restructuring, financial management, marketing strategies, operational advice, industry-specific best practices, business model support, legal advice, insurance review, HR policies, and much more. Mentorship is an exciting opportunity to support small business growth in New York State in a tangible, high impact manner.

Program Eligibility
To qualify to be a mentor, professionals must have at least seven years of business ownership experience, or five years of management experience. During its initial stage, Business Mentor NY is available to all businesses that are located in counties that were subject to a federal disaster declaration as a result of storms Irene, Lee and Sandy. Businesses that are not in one of these counties are welcome to submit an application and will be contacted once the program is available to businesses throughout New York State.

Beginning April 21st, 2014, please visit, to create your profile and join the program.  If you have any questions, please contact Ben Howard-Cooper at [email protected].

Business Mentor NY News

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