Environmental Investment Program (EIP) - This program is closed to new entrants.

Program Purpose
The Environmental Investment Program (EIP) is a financial assistance program to help businesses capture the economic benefits associated with pollution prevention, waste reduction, re-use and recycling.  The program provides capital, technical assistance, and research and development awards that expand the ability to recycle solid and industrial waste into higher value products, or reduce pollution and waste at the point of generation. 

Organizations, businesses and partnerships (described below) that will reduce waste, recycle, prevent pollution, or develop/manufacture sustainable products, at the business location.

  • Capital Funding: Non-profit organization or municipality in partnership with NYS business
  • Technical Assistance Funding: Non-profit organization or municipality providing assistance to groups of NYS businesses
  • Research Demonstration and Development (RD&D) Funding:Small and medium sized NYS business and non-profit organization employing fewer than500 workers or earn less than $10 million in gross revenue or annual sales

Contact Information

For more information contact EIP staff via email or phone at (518) 292-5340. Links to an EIP Overview and EIP Program Guide are listed above.

Descriptions of previously funded projects are available here