Industrial Effectiveness Program (IEP)

Program Purpose
To provide technical and financial assistance to help New York State manufacturing firms address competitiveness issues that increase productivity, efficiency and market share.

Program Highlights
Designed to enhanced management and production process to expand market share and promote job growth or retention within New York State.
The award evaluation will be based on demonstrated need, company size, willingness to share costs of technical expertise and contribute resources, involvement of employees and commitment to self-improvement. 
The maximum award is a $50,000 grant.

Minimum Requirements
Classification as a manufacturer and completion of a preliminary assessment
The ability to implement productivity and operational improvements recommended in the preliminary assessment to remain competitive

Eligible Applicants
New York State manufacturers that employ fewer than 500 workers.

Eligible Costs
Private consulting fees.

Eligible Projects
Manufacturers work with private consultants to develop and implement projects that result in enhanced productivity and competitiveness in New York State, such as:

  • Organizational and technical needs assessment
  • New product design and development
  • Manufacturing process and quality improvement
  • Market expansion and product commercialization
  • Information systems upgrade

Ineligible Projects

  • Preliminary needs assessments
  • Projects using only in-house staff without outside consultants
  • Equipment and machinery purchases
  • Consultant services for advertising and marketing materials
  • Worker training except when the training is integral to the implementation of new systems and procedures
  • Retaining consultants to continue a project the company had already started
  • Start-ups and new ventures
  • Projects that grow operations outside of New York State

Application Process
Applications are provided through the ESD Regional Offices and reviewed on a continual basis.

Contact Information
Contact your ESD Regional Office.

Additional Resources
IEP Quick Sheet