Manufacturing Assistance Program (MAP)

Program Purpose
This program provides financing for the growth of manufacturing within New York State.


Program Highlights
This program assists New York State manufacturers invest in capital projects that significantly improve production, productivity and competitiveness.
MAP funds must be used for capital investments in machinery and equipment.  Projects may also include Industrial Effectiveness consulting and or worker skills training.
Projects must achieve substantial and measurable improvements to the output, productivity and competitiveness of the manufacturing facility, such as:

  • increased production output
  • process efficiency
  • improvements in quality control
  • new product line
  • resource conservation
  • pollution prevention
  • cost-reduction or revenue-enhancement measures
  • intended outcomes must be quantified and verifiable

Empire State Development (ESD) MAP assistance is capped at $1 million.
Award amounts are based on the magnitude of the improvements and their overall benefit to the company; the amount of private investment leveraged; and the economic impact of the manufacturer within its regional economy. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • $1 million capital investment machinery, equipment and related costs directly tied to production
  • Quantified improvements over baseline operation of 20% or more
  • Retention of at least 85% of workforce for five years


Eligible Applicants
NYS manufacturers that employ 50 to 1,000 workers; and export at least 30% of their production beyond the immediate region, or supply at least 30% of their production to a prime manufacturer that exports beyond the region.
Eligible Projects
Capital investments in machinery and equipment that result in measurable improvements in production output, productivity and competitiveness and associated building expansions modifications. 
Ineligible Projects
Projects in which there are reductions in employee benefits and wages.


Application Process
Contact your local ESD Regional Office to discuss your project.  Proposals must include a project description, quantified project results, milestone schedule, project budget and cash flow analysis.  Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.


Contact Information
Contact your ESD Regional Office


Additional Resources
MAP Quick Sheet