Procurement Assistance Program

Program Purpose
To help New York State small businesses identify contracting opportunities with state government agencies, and find the resources needed to compete in this marketplace.


Program Highlights

  • Procurement workshops, including federal, state, and local government contracting information
  • Help in identifying agencies that might purchase a company' s products or services
  • Assistance in learning how to be placed on bidders' lists
  • Identify various certifications at the state and federal level
  • New York State Contract Reporter online publication
  • Guide to the state' s procurement process: Doing Business With New York State


Contract Reporter

  • General access to view ads and search the archives is free - registration is required
  • E-alert bid match notification service - is now free.  Sign up for the NYS Contract Reporter E-Alerts
  • Published daily online, Monday through Friday
  • View bid solicitations of $50,000 or more from New York State agencies, public authorities and public benefit corporations
  • Provides marketing leads and agency contact information to companies interested in bidding on New York State contracting opportunities



  • Any individual or business may view the New York State Contract Reporter
  • Other services available to New York State firms or New York State branches of foreign firms


Contact Information
You may call ESD' s Small Business Division at (518) 292-5266 or contact your local ESD Regional Office.


Additional Resources
Procurement Assistance Program Quick Sheet