Community and Regional Partner Fund

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The Community and Regional Partner Fund, with $52 million in SSBCI funding, will provide up to $5 million in matching funds to accelerators, venture studios, and/or incubators providing structured programmatic support to New York State entrepreneurs with high growth potential.

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  • Through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding, ESD is offering applicants a 1:1 match to make investments in early-stage New York companies.
  • For every dollar of SSBCI funding requested, applicants must demonstrate a dollar of private funds raised. 
  • The applicant should have experience advancing the pace of growth of start-up companies, de-risking them and recruiting and growing those companies in NYS.
  • Applicants should support the growth of companies after investment including by supporting future funding rounds and utilizing their network and industry contacts.
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  • Demonstrated ability to leverage the New York State innovation ecosystem to ensure successful acceleration and out-paced growth of early-stage companies.
  • Robust network and ability to identify partners and partnerships that will provide additional outreach or support.
  • Ability to de-risk investible companies through mentorship-driven programming.
  • Proven ability to track, measure, and report on outcomes associated with the program to implement and ensure appropriate use of funds
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How to Apply

For details on how to apply to Community and Regional Partner Program Fund, click here to view the Request for Applications.