Craft Beverage Micro Grant Program

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ESD’s Craft Beverage Micro Grant Program aims to increase the production capacity, business infrastructure and profitability of businesses licensed to produce wine, beer, spirits, hard cider and mead by providing matching funds for equipment purchases and facility upgrades. 

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Program funding is available for capital grants of up to $50,000 each to support: 

  • new equipment purchase(s),  
  • New infrastructure and/or facilities expansion and/or upgrade 
  • Clear expansion of existing equipment and/or a facilities upgrade 

Projects must take place at a licensed location where production occurs. Licensed/permitted locations that do not have any production taking place on premise will not be eligible for funding. 

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  • Businesses licensed by the New York State Liquor Authority to manufacture beverage alcohol in the State of New York; 
  • Businesses that hold one or more of the following licenses issued by the NYS Liquor Authority: 
    • DW 301 Winery,  
    • FW 302 Farm Winery,  
    • MW 307 Micro Farm Winery;  
    • D 101 Brewer,  
    • MI 101 Micro Brewery,  
    • FD 106 Farm Brewery,  
    • MR 210 Restaurant Brewer;
    • DA 201 Distiller Class A,
    • DA 206 Distiller Class A-1,  
    • DB 202 Distiller Class B, 
    • DB 205 Distiller Class B-1,  
    • DC 204 Distiller Class C,  
    • DD 207 Farm Distiller Class D;  
    • CD 304 Cider Producer,  
    • CF 309 Farm Cidery;  
    • MD 312 Mead Producer,  
    • FY 313 Farm Meadery
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Program Requirements

Matching Equity Requirement:  

The Program grant is a 50/50 matching grant. For example, a $100,000 investment could receive up to a $50,000 matching grant from ESD. 

Equity Requirement: 

The Applicant will be required to contribute ten percent (10%) of the total project cost in the form of equity. Equity is defined as cash injected into the project by the Applicant or by investors and should be auditable through Applicant’s financial statements or accounts, if so requested by ESD. Equity cannot be borrowed money secured by the assets in the project or grants from a government source. In-kind donations will not be considered an acceptable form of equity.