Database of Economic Incentives

First launched in 2020, the Database of Economic Incentives provides a dynamic, user-friendly, searchable database of economic development projects that receive ESD support. The Database complements the information available on ESD's Reports Page and increases the transparency of the State’s economic development efforts.

Expansions are coming soon to the Database.  Specifically, starting in Fall 2022, other NYS agencies that also provide funding for community and economic development will begin submitting information to the Database on those projects.  Also this fall, ESD will begin to collect additional data points on all new ESD projects, for eventual inclusion in the Database.

For all contracts initiated on or after October 1, ESD will display approximately twice as many data fields as are captured in the current Database. As these projects progress, and are added to the Database, fields such as "part time jobs", a display of other state agency co-investments into ESD projects, and the number of workers at the project site (in terms of both full time equivalent and part time jobs) will be included, amongst other new data fields.

Additionally, starting next spring, ESD will provide details on MWBE goals attached to ESD projects, and progress towards such goals.  These expansion elements will be iterative, with each step representing increased detail on New York State’s economic and community development investments.

Access the Database of Economic Incentives

Using the Database of Economic Incentives 

The Database is intended to increase transparency into the State’s economic development efforts, provide the public with additional insight and increase the user experience of engaging with ESD’s portfolio of projects.

Below are several resources that ESD is providing here to help users understand and interpret this data:

  • Database of Economic Incentives Orientation Webinar:  A voice-over presentation to orient the user to the Database
  • The following documents are available to download on the Database of Economic Incentives:
    • Overview:  A summary of the Database, and its contents
    • Data Dictionary:  A list and description of all data fields in the Database
    • Data Snapshot: Summary statistics for projects in the Database
    • FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about the Database
  • Dedicated Email Address:  Users can email questions to [email protected] or request award materials related to ESD projects included in the Database, or to be directed to a source providing award materials for ESD projects.


Database of Economic Incentives Orientation Webinar

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