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The Innovate NY Fund was a fund-of-funds designed to provide investment capital to managers across the state to invest in seed-stage businesses supporting innovation, job creation and high-growth entrepreneurship throughout New York State (“NYS”).  The program was supported by a grant of $35.6 million from US Department of Treasury and $10.3 million from Goldman Sachs.

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The Innovate NY Fund competitively selected seven fund managers to make seed-stage investments across the state. 

From the time of its launch in December 2012, the Innovate NY Fund made investments in 81 NYS companies. The Fund's capital was matched with over $323 million in private sector investment funding and led to the creation and retention of 2,250 jobs for NYS.

Participating Investment Entities:

Cayuga Ventures

Excell Partners

ff Venture Capital

Golden Seeds

Partnership Fund for New York City

SCP Incubators / Z80 Labs

Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners

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Additional Information

The funds have been fully deployed and are no longer actively investing.

Check to see if you are eligible for our other investment fund:

New York State Innovation Venture Capital Fund

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