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Diversity is a key to business success in New York State – home to the highest minority and women-owned business (MWBE) utilization rate in the country. The Division of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development (DMWBD) has created a one-stop hub for everything you need to know about MWBE success in New York. 

See below for information on how to: become MWBE-certified; grow your MWBE business; find top opportunities and contracts with NYS agencies; and find MWBE-certified businesses to help carry out your project goals.

MWBE COVID-19 Resources

Important information about COVID-19 resources, business development assistance and loan resources for New York State MWBEs

Additional Grants & Funding Resources

Find out more about additional grant and loan opportunities for New York State businesses.

NYS MWBEs By The Numbers

Grow Your MWBE With Our Business Development Team

We offer webinars, trainings, mentorship and a host of other resources and programs to help you grow your MWBE in NYS.

2021 NYS Regional MWBE Online Opportunities Expo Series

MWBE Events and Training

NYS 2016 MWBE Disparity Study

New York State has completed the 2016 MWBE Disparity Study, evaluating the participation of MWBEs in state contracts.

Reauthorization of Article 15A Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Order 162 – Ensuring Pay Equity By State Contractors

Draft guidance and related documents for NYS Agencies, Authorities and State Contractors.

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Jerome A. DuVal
Executive Vice President & Executive Director, Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development