Supply & Demand Utilization (SDU)

The Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (DMWBD) conducted an analysis to identify industries with low rates of MWBE utilization and documented MWBE availability. Based on this effort, the DMWBD launched the Supply & Demand Utilization initiative to develop programs and activities designed to address MWBE underutilization within key industries.

Specific strategies tailored to the unique needs of each industry include: 


  • Firms which fall within the SDU targeted industries, have secured a state contract, and have a pending certification application are recommended to contact that state agency to submit a request for a certification expedite.

Business Development

  • SDU certified MWBEs are offered direct business development assistance to help these MWBEs meet the capacity needs of the state agencies that purchase goods or services within their industries.


  • Advocacy with the state agencies and authorities that have the largest spending amounts within the target industries to increase their use of MWBE vendors.
  • Identifying, targeting and enhanced marketing of discretionary purchase opportunities. 

For more information on the SDU Initiative, please see the Fact Sheet here.