World Trade Center Rent Reduction Program

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The World Trade Center Rent Reduction Program (WTC RR) provides incentives for 750,000 square feet of commercial office space leased at the buildings to be developed at the World Trade Center site and at 7 World Trade Center. Applications have been approved for the entire 750,000-square-foot allocation for 7 World Trade Center.

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WTC RR provides a $5.00 per square foot reduction of rent payments for commercial office leases at the World Trade Center. 

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Lease & Project Criteria

  • Located at the World Trade Center
  • Commercial office tenants only
  • Minimum lease term of 10 years
  • Commences after December 15, 2005 and before December 31, 2020
  • Significant job creation and investment associated with relocating to one of the World Trade Center buildings.
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How to Apply

For additional information, please contact the Program Administrator at (212) 803-3133.