Electric Generation Facility Cessation Mitigation Program

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The Electric Generation Facility Cessation Mitigation Program was created to provide funding assistance to support counties, towns, cities, villages, school districts and special districts (“Local Government Entities”) that experience a reduction in the amount owed in real property taxes and/or PILOTs by an electric generating facility (the “Revenue Loss”). Under the Program, a Local Government Entity may receive annual funding over seven years. In each year for which an application is made, the Revenue Loss from the amount owed in the last year of operation must be 20% or greater and occur as a direct result of the electric generating facility ceasing operations.

Empire State Development administers the Program in consultation with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the Department of Public Service.

As of April 2021, New York State has authorized a total of $140 million for the Program.

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A Local Government Entity may apply for funding if it realizes a qualifying event.

A qualifying event occurs if:

  • On or after June 25, 2015, an electric generation facility within the applicant’s jurisdiction has ceased operations and has become ineligible to participate in the markets administered by the New York Independent System Operator, and
  • As measured from the last year of operation, such cessation has caused a 20% or greater reduction in amounts owed by the facility in real property taxes and/or PILOTs in the year for which application is being made.
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How to Apply

  • Program applications are in fillable PDF form and are submitted electronically.
  • New applicants can obtain Year 1 Applications by emailing [email protected].

    (Please do not submit applications that may have been previously downloaded from this site.)
  • Click to access the application for Years 2 – 7

    (Applications are accepted continuously and reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.)
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  • Program Guidelines with Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Program Calculator

    (The purpose of the Calculator is solely to provide applicants with a tool for estimating potential financial assistance payments under the Program. Actual financial assistance is subject to an applicant’s timely submission of requisite information and supporting documentation to ESD, official calculation and approval by ESD, and the availability of Program funding.)

Questions about the Program may be directed to [email protected].