Attendees at the Elmont Road Park Workshop.

Elmont Road Park Workshop

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Attendees at the Elmont Road Park Workshop.

On Saturday, April 6, over 50 Elmont residents of all ages gathered at Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School to discuss what they love about Elmont Road Park and what they’d like to see improved when the park is renovated as part of the Belmont Park Redevelopment project.

Participants broke up into seven facilitated groups to discuss the park and a representative from each group reported on their group’s top three priorities to improve the park. As you’ll see from the feedback, the groups found it hard to limit their priorities to just three! Some of the major themes were maintenance and drainage, safety and security, improved facilities and equipment, more programming, better access, and improved aesthetics. Almost every group wants to see new multi-use fields and a perimeter multi-use trail for walking, running and biking.

If you have thoughts about the future of Elmont Park Road but were not able to attend the workshop, please feel free to email your thoughts and ideas to [email protected] by Friday, May 17.  We look forward to sharing all the input received at the workshop and by email with the team that will redesign the park!

Two attendees at the Elmont Road Park Workshop.