SparkCharge's portable electric vehicle charging unit.

NYS Competition = Innovation (and Some Astounding Inventions)

A portable electric vehicle charging unit that can be delivered on demand via Uber, Lyft or AAA. A smart insole that can monitor the foot’s physiology for early ulcer detection and preventative care for diabetics. A tabletop greenhouse for the sustainable foodie. Mobile technology to help people with autism or cognitive special needs to learn life skills for greater inclusion and independence. A mobile test for fast, accurate nutrition deficiency. 

These are just some of the devices and products that emerged as winners in two New York State competitions this fall – 43North and the FuzeHub Commercialization Competition—which highlight entrepreneurship and innovation in New York State and are among a host of competitions statewide across industries and regions. 

SparkCharge, the Syracuse-based winner of this year’s $1 million 43North Grand Prize.

SparkCharge, the Syracuse-based winner of this year’s $1 million 43North Grand Prize.


43North, launched in 2014, is now in its fifth year of awarding a total of $5 million in cash prizes to winning entrepreneurs and companies from around the world that also receive mentorship and a year’s worth of free incubator space in Buffalo.

Earlier this month, Fuzehub, New York's statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center that assists small and medium-sized manufacturing companies across the state, announced seven winners of the 2019 FuzeHub Commercialization Competition, held Nov. 7-8 in Albany.

This is just a sampling of the way NYS is supporting ideas with the potential to change lives:

SparkCharge: This Syracuse-based winner of this year’s $1 million 43North Grand Prize, announced last month, offers a portable electric vehicle charging unit that is small enough to be delivered on demand to owners of electric vehicles who need a charge fast – and from anywhere. 

Magnusmode:  This Waterloo, Ontario company, one of seven $500,000 winning 43North finalists, helps people with autism and cognitive special needs achieve greater independence through tech tools that help with learning life skills, creating accessibility and independence.  

Bonbouton: One of this year’s seven FuzeHub winners, Bonbouton is using tech to help prevent diabetes. The New York City company’s first product, a smart insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system, monitors the skin to detect early signs of foot ulcers.  

VitaMe Technologies: Another FuzeHub winner, this Ithaca-based company uses technology developed at Cornell University to offer smartphone users a portable means of accurately monitoring and assessing their vitamin and nutrient levels.