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ESD Announces 23 Businesses Chose to Grow in Upstate NY and Commit to Creating Nearly 300 Jobs

Empire State Development today announced that 23 businesses will startup, expand or locate in seven regions across Upstate New York, partnering with local colleges and universities to spur economic growth across the state. These companies have committed to create nearly 300 new jobs and invest approximately $9.8 million over the next five years.

“From life sciences to advanced manufacturing, software development and green-tech, more and more companies are finding New York State is a great place to start or grow their business,” said Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky. “These businesses have the potential to create hundreds of jobs in throughout Upstate New York in dynamic, innovative industries, while generating millions in revenue for the local economy.”

“As I shared in my inaugural State of the University System address this week, two themes of my vision for the System include innovation and entrepreneurship, and increase and expand partnerships. This is an example of these themes at work,” said SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson. “The partnerships between our campuses and these businesses are producing academic benefits for faculty and students, while simultaneously driving innovation-based economic development in New York State.”

These businesses will create jobs in key industries, including: biotechnology, craft beverage production; computer/information technology; film post-production; high-technology; manufacturing and advanced manufacturing; research and development; software development; and technical and trade school transportation engineering and design.

The 23 companies are sponsored by the following New York State colleges and universities: Adirondack Community College; Binghamton University; Clarkson University; Finger Lakes Community College; Genesee Community College; Hudson Valley Community College; Mount Saint Mary College; Onondaga Community College; Schenectady County Community College; SUNY Cobleskill; SUNY Ulster; and the University at Albany.

The following businesses have joined START-UP NY:

Capital Region

Adirondack Community College:

Brandsight, Inc. is an enterprise domain name registrar company that develops technology solutions to enable the world’s largest brands to manage and optimize their domain name portfolios. Brandsight Inc is developing a new Smart & Intelligent technology that learns which domain names to own and how best to use them based on recurring big data analysis. The company will create 14 new jobs and invest $50,000.

Hudson Valley Community College:

New Ed, Inc. is developing pre-built, but configurable software for educational organizations to help maintain enrollment and growth. New Ed will design and develop innovative user experiences which will be translated into a web application through a Software-as-a Service platform to benefit their clients. New Ed will create 18 new jobs and invest $172,000.

Upstate Concierge Management (UCM) is developing and continues to enhance its unique software technology telecommunications software platform which features: HIPPA compliant messaging services, phone services, secure 2‐way video connections, enrollment and billing, electronic health records and a customizable smart phone application that enables health service providers and medical facilities to operate more efficiently. The company will create 12 new jobs and invest $30,000.

Schenectady County Community College:

KIRSH Helmets, Inc. is a small early stage business expanding to the production phase, and is the only helmet company producing a helmet entirely made in America. KIRSH Helmets uses a patented silicone technology to lessen the impact during crashes and is lighter and smaller than most other helmets. The company will create 13 new jobs and invest $347,000.

University at Albany:

Branch VFX is a new business that provides special effects services to clients and production entities for the television and film industry. Branch VFX is crossing the disciplines of graphic arts and computer science on video to create computer/graphic art work as part of the special effects process of rotoscoping, 3D Tracking and rotomation. The company will create 16 net new jobs and invest $139,000."

SUNY Cobleskill:

454 Fire Training is a technical trade school that provides high quality, experiential education to members of the fire service community. The training program includes extensive live fire-fighting exposure, and classroom instructions for extended learning and continued education. 454 will have live fire demonstration units/buildings that will be constructed for this purpose. 454 Fire Training will create four new jobs and invest $500,000.

Central New York

Onondaga Community College:

454 Fire Training is a technical trade school that provides high quality, experiential education to members of the fire service community. The training program includes extensive live fire-fighting exposure, and classroom instructions for extended learning and continued education. 454 will have live fire demonstration units/buildings that will be constructed for this purpose. 454 Fire Training will create four new jobs and invest $500,000.

Roji Tea Company LLC is a new manufacturing business that will produce bottled teas, baked goods, and tea ware/utensils. Roji Tea takes bulk material of imported and locally sourced herbal teas and hand-mixes them to create new blends. The company will create four new jobs and invest $4,000.

Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Community College:

Star Cider, LLC is a cider business that sources apples and fresh ingredients solely from New York State. The new production facility will also serve as a research and education center, featuring interactive tours, lecture series and workshops focusing on apple cider production. Star Cider will create five new jobs and invest $295,000.

Genesee Community College:

Tencar Inc. is a new medical device corporation that developed an innovative ostomy tool called “Choice Cap."" The Choice Cap System is a prosthetic appliance for active-lifestyle colostomy and ileostomy patients. The company will create nine new jobs and invest $345,000.


Mount Saint Mary College:

Osborne Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, and markets educational technology products and services for the corporate, education, government, and healthcare e-learning industries. Osborne Technologies products include front of class touch screen teaching applications, multi-touch software, visitor management, access control, sensory and immersive spaces, scent delivery and wireless infrastructure systems designed for schools to enhance safeguarding. The company will create seven new jobs and invest $50,000.

Vuff, LLC is a new advanced manufacturing company that produces pet products, specifically proprietary collars and leashes, from custom OEM components using a variety of techniques such as ultra-sonic plastic welding, laser and hot knife cutting. The company will create 12 new jobs and invest $118,000.

SUNY Ulster:

340Best, Inc. is a software development company that provides customized software and related technical and analytical support to healthcare organizations part of the 340B program, a federal program designed to help lower the cost of healthcare to needy communities. The company will create six new jobs and invest $25,000.

GenEdge Health, Inc. will develop and customize a proprietary software platform to support prescription benefit management (PBM) companies, unions, and other health related companies with managing their health care eligibility needs, clinical patient medical and prescription data analysis, and formulating strategic plans that will lead to better patient outcomes. The company will create three new jobs and invest $10,000.

Mohawk Valley

SUNY Cobleskill:

Asset eXchange Infrastructure (AXI) Systems, Inc. is a new information technology company that will develop and launch a web-based agricultural map and procurement system through which New York State farm, food and other businesses will be able to construct business profiles, interact, and offer products for sale. AXI System employees will provide account management, troubleshooting and clearinghouse services and will implement promotional and educational strategies to encourage system use. The company will create 15 new jobs and invest $45,000.

Digital Gameday (DG) is a SAAS (software as service) product that serves as an online film analysis and exchange system for high school athletic professionals and coaches. The high-tech company provides coaches a data-driven and cloud based approach to film analysis and performance assessment supported by best-in-class personal service. Players can also use DG tools for creating personalized highlight reels for distribution to college recruiters. Digital Gameday will create five new jobs and invest $23,500.

North Country

Clarkson University:

LC Drives, a New York State incubator graduate, is developing and manufacturing the next generation of electric motors that are smaller, lighter, and higher performing than conventional products. Targeted markets include marine propulsion, traction motors, and wind turbine generators. LC Drives will create 20 new jobs and invest $500,000.

Southern Tier

Binghamton University:

AvantGuard Technologies (AGT) is a new software development company that provides its customers with software solutions including monitoring indexing, storage, scaling, application integration, managing, visualizing, aggregating, storing, retrieving, and analyzing and analytics for IT operations and business processes. The company will create 78 new jobs and invest $5.4 million.

Geoweb3d is a software engineering company that provides 3D mapping and visualization solutions for a variety of users, including U.S. Mission Planning for Special Operations and the U.S. Army. One of its products is a built-in web browser that allows for smooth interoperability with cloud and mapping applications such as Google Maps and Google Earth. Geoweb3d will create six new jobs and invest $62,000.

SwiftATN, LLC is a new R&D transit engineering and design company that is developing products and services for the high-growth automated transportation industry. The design uses an electric powered automated transportation system and custom design software for elevated guideways. The systems can be used on campuses, resorts, airports or built as part of a regional transit network. SwiftATN, LLC will initially create 14 net new jobs and invest $150,000.

Oasis Stone Scapes (OSS) is a new manufacturing masonry business that will produce eco-friendly fiberglass reinforced masonry panels. Each panel is precast with a super strength composite and can be installed on a solid surface without the need of a substrate, concrete footing or any additional supports. Panel molds can be created any shape, size or dimension making this technology extremely versatile. OSS will create six new jobs and invest $1.075 million.

DB Therapeutics, Inc. is a new R&D company that is developing a bandage for skin cancer therapy, optimizing its final product and its manufacturing process and controls. DB Therapeutics will coordinate in vitro and in vivo animal and clinical studies, and will pursue FDA approval. The company will create three new jobs and invest $100,000.



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