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Empire State Development Announces Expansion for Optics Machinery Manufacturer OptiPro in Wayne County

Innovative Company Commits to Creating More than 20 New Jobs at its Dean Parkway Facility in the Town of Ontario

Investment Complements “Finger Lakes Forward” – The Region’s Comprehensive Strategy to Revitalize Communities and Grow the Economy

Empire State Development (ESD) today announced that optics machinery manufacturer OptiPro is ready to grow its business in the Town of Ontario, Wayne County. The company will add a 16,000 square-foot extension to its existing Dean Parkway facility in an effort to improve efficiency and expand its manufacturing operations. As a result of the project, OptiPro has committed to creating up to 23 new jobs; 98 will be retained on site. Founded in 1982, OptiPro is a global leader in the designing and building of computer-controlled grinding, polishing, and measuring equipment for the precision optics and advanced ceramics industries.  The company provides machine tools for the automotive, aerospace, semi-conductor, and military industries.

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Hope Knight said, “New York State’s strategic investments have supported the Finger Lakes region’s continued growth as an optics, photonics and imaging hub. Our focused commitment to workforce development and 21st century jobs means that companies like OptiPro can continue to grow here, with a pipeline to the top-notch tech talent that they need.”

In order to encourage OptiPro to continue to expand in the Finger Lakes region, ESD is providing up to $250,000 through the performance-based Excelsior Jobs Tax Credit Program a in return for the job creation commitments. Wayne County and Greater Rochester Enterprise are also offering assistance for the project. The total project cost has been placed at $3.97 million.

OptiPro President Rob Bechtold said, “It is an exciting time of growth for OptiPro. OptiPro has seen increased activity in many of the sectors of its business, driving the need for this expansion. The expansion will allow for each business segment to grow into larger spaces to meet their customer’s needs. It is really a great opportunity, and we are grateful for the support that ESD has continued to give us over the years.” 

The Finger Lakes region continues to build on its reputation as a global leader in the optics, photonics and imaging industries. The area is not only home to OptiPro, but to the University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics, the Rochester Institute of Technology and to over 100 local optics, photonics, and imaging companies. With the workforce, technology base and support network in place, the region is cementing itself as the global industry leader, driving economic growth in the region for generations to come as it continues to move forward.

State Senator Pam Helming said, “OptiPro is a global and regional leader in optics and a local employer vital to the Town of Ontario and Wayne County economy. This expansion and job growth further affirms their commitment to the community and its skilled workforce. Companies like OptiPro are also a critical part of the semiconductor supply chain and with the 54th District located in the center of New York’s semiconductor highway, I am pleased to see this investment in an innovative and growing company that is contributing to the success of our region and state.”

State Assemblyman Brian Manktelow said, “This investment by the Empire State Development will keep OptiPro in a prime position to accelerate their growth, and the overall growth in the field of optics. Combining the production and manufacturing of OptiPro, and the knowledge base with local universities, the Finger Lakes Region will be the premier photonics capital of the world. And thanks to OptiPro soon over 20 new families will have a stronger reason to call our region home. I applaud the continual efforts of OptiPro and their President Rob Bechtold to remain a global leader in precision optics and advanced ceramics. This new extension shows their commitment to Wayne County, New York State, and most importantly their 120 employees soon to be on campus. An investment into our businesses is an investment into our future.”

Wayne County Director of Economic Development and Planning Brian Pincelli said, “We continue to be proud of OptiPro and are happy to be able to support another one of their growth projects in Wayne County. OptiPro systems is a key part of our Precision Optics industry cluster and their growth is a testament to the strength of the regional industry and our workforce.”

Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Co-Chair Bob Duffy, President and CEO, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce said, "OptiPro’s decision to expand its operations in Wayne County is a testament to the exceptional resources and talent available in our region. Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is proud to support OptiPro's continued success and is committed to fostering an environment where companies can grow, thrive, and contribute to our region's prosperity."

Matt Hurlbutt, President and CEO, Greater Rochester Enterprise said, “OptiPro Systems’ expansion in Wayne County further strengthens the Greater Rochester, NY region’s leadership role in the optics, photonics, imaging, and laser technology industry. Fueled by a talented workforce and a highly integrated supply chain, investing in this region was the smart choice for OptiPro Systems. GRE will continue to assist the company as OptiPro Systems adds new equipment to enhance its capabilities and better serve customers in growing industries such as advanced manufacturing and semiconductors.”

Accelerating Finger Lakes Forward 

Today’s announcement complements “Finger Lakes Forward,” the region’s comprehensive strategy to generate robust economic growth and community development. The regionally designed plan focuses on investing in key industries including photonics, agriculture‎ and food production, and advanced manufacturing. More information is available here. ​

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