Governor Cuomo Announces $5 Million NeuroCuresNY Grant to Demonstrate New Approach for Curing Neurological Disability from Stroke

Offers Potential for More Precise Measurement of Therapeutic Benefit, Enabling Clinical Trials to Reach Statistical Significance with Fewer Patients; Part of New York's $620 Million Life Science Initiative

April 8, 2019

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a $5 million grant that will allow NeuroCuresNY, Inc. to conduct a two-year demonstration of its unique clinical trial network and process for testing drugs to treat disability due to neurological impairment. NCNY, a not-for-profit initiative formed by Burke Neurological Institute, the University of Rochester and the Wadsworth Center to conduct clinical trials of drugs for chronic neurological impairment and disability, aims to reduce the time and cost of drug development for patients disabled from stroke who have exhausted everything that the health care system currently offers. The grant is part of New York State's $620 million Life Science Initiative to spur the growth of a world-class life science research cluster in New York, as well as expand the state's ability to commercialize this research and grow the economy.

"Building a healthier future for New York means leading the way on critical scientific research and development projects today," Governor Cuomo said. "NeuroCuresNY's demonstration trial will test innovative new drugs and therapies that have the potential to make a world of difference for patients suffering from the effects of stroke and continue New York's unprecedented growth in the life sciences industry." 

"The life sciences industry continues to grow across the state thanks to investments in cutting edge research and development," said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. "This funding will provide the resources needed to help find a cure for neurological impairments that result from a stroke. The grant for NeuroCuresNY builds on our commitment to support innovative studies and treatments to ensure the health and well-being of all New Yorkers."

The demonstration trial will combine the use of medication to repair the brain in combination with robotic training technology, which can re-educate the individual's nervous system. The two-year trial will require over 150 patients with chronic disability due to stroke and will run for approximately 24 months. Over time, NCNY plans to evaluate treatments for disability due to other neurological conditions such as brain injury, Alzheimer's disease and spinal cord injury.

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