Governor Hochul Announces Launch of Round XII Regional Economic Development Council Initiative

May 2, 2022

Regional Councils will Identify Employers' Workforce Needs and Recommend Priority Projects that Drive Each Region's Economic Strategic Goals   

New York State Consolidated Funding Application Now Open    

Guidebook for REDC Members on This Year's Process Now Available Here

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the launch of Round XII of the Regional Economic Development Council Initiative. Round XII includes core capital grant and tax-credit funding to be combined with a wide range of programs from 10 state agencies that will provide funding for prospective projects. As with Round XI, $150 million in grant funds from Empire State Development will be available to projects on a continuous basis, in order to be responsive to the immediate needs of communities.

"The Regional Economic Development Councils have been transformative for communities across the state, and we will continue supporting impactful projects that align with each region's strategic goals," Governor Hochul said. "Through Round XII, we are addressing one of the biggest challenges - and opportunities - in our state's economic development strategy by supporting New Yorkers in developing the skills they need to succeed, both today and in the future. The REDCs will identify strategies to ensure employers in growing industries have access to the skilled labor they need to be competitive, helping usher in a more prosperous New York for all."

This year, the Regional Economic Development Councils will prioritize workforce development, with a specific focus on developing and funding job training and placement programs that address the current and future needs for talent of employers in the state and each region. As part of this focus on equitable growth, each Regional Council will work in concert with ESD and the new Office of Strategic Workforce Development to create a tailored regional strategy identifying the specific jobs and skills needed by employers in that area of the state. The Regional Councils and ESD will then seek to fund programs that help workers meet these specific needs.

Under Governor Hochul's leadership, the State is continuously improving the Regional Council process to maximize impact in each region. This includes measures to promote transparency, streamline the work of the REDCs, and focus on talent as a pillar of equitable economic growth.

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