FAST NY Shovel-Ready Grant Program

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Under New York’s FAST NY Shovel-Ready Grant Program, Empire State Development will provide up to $200 million in grants to prepare and develop sites statewide to jumpstart New York’s shovel-readiness and increase its attractiveness to large employers, including high-tech and semiconductor projects and other manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and logistics businesses.

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“Shovel-ready sites” are land areas that have been prepared for future construction. The necessary activities to bring a site to shovel-readiness span a wide spectrum and vary significantly across land uses, but they generally include addressing planning, permitting and infrastructure issues.

Establishing a shovel-ready site upfront allows for projects to advance more quickly and with less risk, enabling New York State and its local partners to provide valuable savings to businesses, attract more projects, and get a faster start on local job creation. 

New York State has a long history of investing in shovel-ready sites across the state. Early public investments into these sites have attracted large private-sector employers, such as GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Wolfspeed, Alstom, Barilla, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Plug Power.

Examples of major existing New York State sites include White Pine Commerce Park in Onondaga County, Marcy Nanocenter in Oneida County, Luther Forest Technology Campus in Saratoga County, and WNY STAMP in Genesee County.

With the federal government poised to invest billions of dollars under initiatives such as the proposed CHIPS Act and recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, New York State has an opportunity to strategically invest to further prepare existing sites and build a pipeline of new sites that can attract and expand key growth industries.

Subject to appropriations proposed under Governor Hochul’s Fiscal Year 2023 State Budget, ESD will invest up to $200 million for FAST NY to prepare and develop shovel-ready sites across the state.

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ESD is currently in the process of developing more detailed FAST NY program guidelines. Preliminary criteria include:

  • Eligible shovel-ready land use types will include high-tech manufacturing, especially semiconductor manufacturing, as well as research and development, office parks, warehousing, distribution and logistics businesses;
  • Eligible projects will include infrastructure grants to improve the shovel-readiness of existing sites by investing in water infrastructure, sewer infrastructure, roads, power lines, electrical substations and gas lines, as well as address pre-development site planning and reviews to prepare an emerging pipeline of future shovel-ready sites.
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How to Apply

ESD expects to launch applications for FAST NY later this year. While further criteria are being finalized, it is expected that program applicants will: 

  • work in close collaboration with municipally appointed economic development organizations such as industrial development agencies, and local development corporations  
  • indicate the shovel-ready site(s) being prepared and for which industry(ies), and 
  • specify how the requested funding would further that objective

If you would like to express interest in, and receive updates about, the FAST NY Shovel-Ready Grant Program, please complete the FAST NY program intake form.