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New York State supports and encourages business growth with a variety of funds, loans, grants and other financial incentives. Take a look at the assistance New York offers businesses — from innovative start-ups to manufacturers to companies looking to export.

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Strategic job creation and facility investment

We’re committed to attracting and aiding in the expansion of businesses to help create jobs, especially leading-edge businesses and manufacturing companies looking to make significant capital investments.

Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies Program

New York State Council on the Arts' Capital Projects Fund

NYS offers an unprecedented $150 million commitment for arts and culture organizations. This includes $100 million to facilitate large-scale capital projects that prioritize community development and placemaking.

Investment funds

New York Ventures administers New York State’s innovation investment funds, providing financial capital to early-stage technology-based businesses looking to get started or grow in New York.

Minority- and Women-Owned Business Investment Fund-of-Funds

Innovation Technology Commercialization Fund-of-Funds

Financial assistance for operations

Whether you’re starting a business, adding jobs or improving your business’s operations, there is a wide range of loans and financial assistance programs available to help achieve your goals.

Commercial District Revolving Loan Trust Fund Program

Electric Generation Facility Cessation Mitigation Program

Commercial district and site development

We’re ready to help. ESD can assist you in identifying well-situated construction-ready sites, provide financial resources to lower development costs, and help communities facilitate redevelopment of vacant properties.

Capital Improvements Grants for Pro-Housing Communities

Export assistance

We’re committed to helping New York State businesses sell their products in growing markets including Africa, Canada, China, Europe, Israel and Mexico. We can help identify sales agents and distributors as well as help finance the costs of exporting.
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