Advanced materials and manufacturing businesses are thriving in New York State

New York is at the forefront of the advanced materials processing industry, with a wide variety of manufacturing businesses — from special alloys to engineering polymers, ceramics finishing operations and more.

Materials produced in New York State provide the “enabling technology” for sectors such as electronics, computers, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, medical equipment, construction and consumer products.



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Key facts

New York State keeps the advanced materials industry innovative with a solid core of experience, an educated workforce and collaborative research support. Here’s how New York helps business excel:

  • A wide-ranging industry presence that is composed of companies developing energy-storage advancements, energy-efficiency enhancements in building materials, microgrids for renewable and alternative energy systems, clean sources of energy, and alternative transportation technologies, including hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Well-known names in the industry, including ALCOA, Nucor Steel, Corning Inc. and E.I. DuPont Inc., have operations in the state.
  • Access to Centers for Advanced Technology (CATs) that offer industry/university collaborative research and development to increase the competitiveness of New York State companies.
  • Proximity to major markets through an expansive transportation infrastructure that offers efficient national and global access.

Continuing investment fuels expansion

Advanced manufacturing has become a key component of New York State’s economy and its continued development has been sparked, in part, by state and federal support.

In 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $20 million grant from the state to help Binghamton University establish itself as the New York node in the new NextFlex Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute. The Institute is part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation program to support advanced manufacturing in the United States. 

New York State also provides innovative incentive programs for advanced manufacturers, including START-UP NY, which helps businesses partner with the state’s leading universities and colleges to give them direct access to research laboratories, development resources and experts in key industries. 

These initiatives, as well as many others, continue to raise New York’s profile as a global leader in innovation and technology.

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