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New York is a digital game development industry leader, fostering a thriving ecosystem of talent and innovation

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The growing game development industry reflects New York State’s investments in invention

New York State is top-ranked in the digital game development industry, home to top companies and to first-class academic programs and partnerships that are building the talent pipeline.

From the days of Pac-Man and Nintendo 64 to 21st century virtual games, digital game development has become a $40.9 billion industry nationwide. New York State is recognized as a national industry leader: 5th in the nation for the amount the industry adds to the economy; #4 in numbers of digital game development companies; and home to six of the country’s Top 50 video game design and development undergraduate and two top graduate programs. The state has invested  $20+ million in Digital Game Development at New York University (NYU), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)—to build industry innovation, collaboration through mentoring and community outreach—reflecting strategic support for industry growth. These centers have created more than 120 jobs and led to the development of 110+ games.

Internationally recognized companies like Vicarious Visions, Take Two Interactive and Playdots, Inc., got their start in New York State producing and publishing iconic games including Guitar Hero and the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And virtual reality is making significant strides with studios like New York City-based InkStories winning film festival awards from Sundance to Tribeca. New York also hosts some of the industry’s key events, including Play NYC and Games for Change

New York State Digital Game Development Program

The program is designed to accelerate and attract economic development by offsetting some production costs associated with producing digital games in New York State.


New York State’s $976+ million digital game development industry is on a growth track, supported by incentives and investments in infrastructure that will encourage growth. The Excelsior Jobs Program offers refundable tax credits to companies in exchange for job creation and investment. And New York State has invested in 5G,  in Rochester,  New York City and Buffalo, to offer 50x greater responsiveness and speed for industry-related applications and technologies.


In 2021,  six New York schools were ranked in The Princeton Review’s rankings of top undergraduate programs for game design: New York University; Rochester Institute of Technology; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; New York Film Academy; Marist College and Cornell University. NYS is also home to two top digital game development grad programs. Twenty-nine colleges and universities across the state offer degrees and additional colleges and programs offer classes in game development programming.

New York State is home to hundreds of game development companies including Take Two Interactive, Vicarious Visions, Avalanche Studios, WB Games, PUBG MadGlory, Games for Change Accelerator,  Velan Studios, Playdots, Inc., Second Avenue Learning, Playmatics, Workinman Interactive, Darkwind Media, Wolfjaw Studios, Cosmo D Studios and Fabraz.

Digital Game Development in New York State

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New York State's Digital Game Development Industry

New York State is driving the digital game development industry, with an unsurpassed educated workforce and resources to help game development companies of all sizes thrive.

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