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The world’s most successful financial services, insurance companies and fintech firms call New York State home

New York is a global financial capital — home to many of the world’s leading commercial banks, investment banks, and insurance companies. The state is thriving as these industries evolve, and we are the location of choice for fintech, insurance-tech, and blockchain businesses such as AML Rightsource, BetterMortgage, Brex, Curve, MasterCard, Oscar, PolicyGenius and Zipari.

From front-office executive, quantitive analytics, trading and client relationship offices to back-office IT infrastructure, claims processing, and technical support operations, New York has the workforce and infrastructure to make businesses successful.

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New York State’s highly educated workforce and low operating costs have attracted world-class companies like Equitable, GEICO, BNYMellon, Travelers Insurance, Chase and Citi to establish professional back-office operations throughout upstate New York.

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New York is ranked #2 in fintech investment, with more than $10.4 billion in VC invested in 2022. New York is home to more than 1,500 active fintech startups, including 35 unicorns. In 2022, NYS fintech companies completed 502 VC deals.

Financial Services and Insurance in New York State

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