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New York State is at the center of tech and new media

 New York State’s thriving tech community puts the state at the forefront of software development and digital media. With more than  600,000 software and digital media jobs and over 24,000 firms. New York State attracts top ideas and talent from around the globe. New York’s unparalleled legacy strengths in print, publishing and broadcast media helped pave the way to its leadership in software development and digital media. Clusters of high-tech and creative firms are growing  in New York City and  around the state. Fueled by a strong STEM talent pipeline, innovation hubs are thriving Upstate, in cities including Rochester, Schenectady, Troy,  Syracuse and Buffalo. New York State is rich in the services and amenities that are vital to high-tech businesses and workers — technology incubators, co-working spaces, top-tier colleges and universities  and broadband access.

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The high-tech sector represents a $98+ billion impact on New York's economy, generating more than 175,000 jobs in New York City alone.

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New York State is also home to leading software companies, including MongoDB, MediaMath, DataDog, Apprenda, UTC Digital,  Infor, Palantir, CA Technologies and IBM. New York is also a worldwide capital of digital media. Companies with a strong footprint in the state include: BuzzFeed, Cheddar, Vice Media, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and ShutterStock. 

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Advertising, a legacy industry in New York City, maintains a strong presence in New York with heavy-hitters like BBDO Worldwide, McCann, and Young & Rubicam, collaborating and partnering with a growing number of digital ad agencies throughout the state; including Huge in Brooklyn and Postmktg in Schenectady. New York's innovative culture is also transforming advertising technology with companies like Terakeet, Yext, Taboola and Xandr, developing technology to help advertisers reach their audiences in the digital age.

Software and digital media in New York State

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