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New York, a center for tech and new media, is an innovative destination for software and digital media firms

New York State’s thriving tech community puts the state at the forefront of software development and digital media. With over 350,000 software and digital media jobs and 22,000 firms, New York State attracts the biggest ideas and brightest minds from around the globe.

New York’s unparalleled strength in print, publishing and broadcast media helped pave the way to its leadership in software and digital media. For this reason, clusters of high-tech and creative firms have formed not only in New York City, but around the state, including innovation hubs upstate. New York State is rich in the services and amenities that are vital to high-tech businesses and workers — including technology incubators, co-working spaces, higher education institutions and broadband connectivity.



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Key facts

New York State is always innovating in the software and digital media industry thanks to an already strong presence and a highly skilled and creative workforce. Here’s how New York stays up-to-date:

  • Digital media contributes $5 billion to New York’s economy and accounts for 100,000 jobs in New York City alone.
  • New York State is also home to many leading software companies, including Infor, Palantir, CA Technologies and IBM.
  • Media industry pillars such as advertising, publishing, and broadcast and television companies are concentrated in New York State, facilitating collaboration and partnership. This includes broadcast giants like ABC, CBS and NBC, HBO, Associated Press (with offices throughout the state), and Capitol Wire in Albany; ad agencies like FCB Global, BBDO Worldwide and Young & Rubicam; Cox Media Group in West Babylon; USA Today; and many, many more.
  • New York is a worldwide capital of the growing digital media sector. Digital media leaders who have made New York their home include TED, BuzzFeed, iCrossing, Vice Media, ShutterStock, QuantCast, Yext, AddThis, Taboola, Squarespace and many more.
  • New York State’s tech sector represents 350,000 jobs in more than 22,000 firms, and nearly 10% of New York State’s economy.

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'CuseTech: TCGplayer and the Emerging Syracuse Tech Industry

Syracuse is becoming a hotspot for next-gen technology and development, with TCGplayer, an online marketplace focusing on collectible...

Many software and digital media innovations were developed here

New York’s solid technological infrastructure and abundant tech resources are leading top software and digital media innovators to grow their companies in New York State. New York State’s institutional strengths in financial services, media, healthcare and marketing have provided ample resources for leading software and digital media innovators to build upon.

Just a few of the many businesses that have built successful companies here include Datto, a data storage recovery company with offices in Rochester; TCGplayer, a Syracuse-based online marketplace for collectible gaming cards; Flatiron Health, cloud-based oncology software in use by more than 2,000 cancer care providers nationwide; Vice Media, a cutting-edge, Brooklyn-based digital media publisher; and Datadog, a cloud-based monitoring service that helps businesses aggregate data about their applications from a variety of platforms (i.e. Apache, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft IIS).

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