Logo in teal that says "New York State of Opportunity: FAST NY"

Intent to Apply for FAST NY Grant Funding (Tracks B and C)

Track B – Pre-Development Grants

Track C – Infrastructure Improvement Grants

Further information on these tracks can be found at https://esd.ny.gov/fast-ny

If a Municipality or Municipally Designated Non-Profit Economic Development Organization is intending to apply for FAST NY funding, this form must be submitted by the leading municipal official within the applicant organization.

Applications from municipalities that do not submit this form will not be accepted in the FAST NY program. If your organization is submitting for multiple sites, one letter of intent to apply must be completed for each individual site.

ESD will acknowledge receipt of the Letter of Intent by sending a confirmation e-mail to the contact person identified below within 7 days. If an e-mail confirmation notice is not received within 7 days, the municipality must contact ESD at (518) 292-5200.  A determination regarding your eligibility to submit the full application will be made within 30 days. A response will be emailed to the contact listed below.

Please fill out the below form, then click the “submit” button to send the Intent to Apply. You will receive a copy of your submission to the email included below.

In the section below, provide a brief description that includes how the project or site meets FAST NY goals (e.g., that prepare an emerging pipeline of future shovel ready sites, or improve the shovel readiness of existing mature sites). The description should include the size of the project or site (in acres). It should also include how the eligible applicant would use the grants from the program and how their end goal for the project or site would impact the local and state economies. This should include the high-level plan to market the site for an intended industry. The description should not exceed 200 words.

You will receive a copy of your submission to the email included above.