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Bringing the World to New York

New York State is a thriving center of global commerce and investment. Its strategic location provides easy access to the North American marketplace and major consumer markets. Companies from across the globe are choosing New York as its home for its world-class infrastructure, highly educated and skilled workforce, innovation support and unparalleled quality of life.  

ESD is committed to helping your international business prosper and grow—no matter where you’re from or what stage your business is in. We look forward to introducing you to all of the opportunities that New York offers. 

By the Numbers

State of Innovation

New York State is home to business competitions that are welcoming, encouraging – and funding – new startups to grow and innovate here. International startups are encouraged to explore these exciting opportunities.


Find out how Buffalo’s launching startups through a competition that’s drawing innovative entrepreneurs from around the world.
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Genius NY

Businesses are taking off in Central NY with one of the world’s largest business accelerator competitions, focusing on Unmanned Aerial Systems.
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Grow-NY is attracting innovative, high-growth startups from across the globe to grow New York's food and agriculture innovation cluster.
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Global NY Foreign Office Directors

ESD has foreign office representation to facilitate inward investment and trade in the following markets: Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, China, Europe, India, Israel, Mexico and South America.

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Each of New York's 10 distinct regions presents unique opportunities for business. See what these areas of the state have to offer.
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The World’s Most Innovative Industries Call New York Home

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