Invest NY

Why NY?

New York's gross state product in 2013 was $1.2 trillion, ranking third in size behind California and Texas. Globally, New York State ranks as the 16th largest economy in the world. Its 2011 per capita personal income was $51,126, among the highest in the United States. A 2008 estimate places New York as the third largest state in population after California and Texas, with an estimated population of 19.57 million as of June 2014.  Its size, economic power, and proximity to many of the world’s leading companies makes New York State an attractive place to invest.

Major industries in NYS include clean technology, education, financial services, information and nanotechnology.

The New York Difference

  • The 14th largest economy in the world

  • Ranks 2nd in the nation in academic research and development investment

  • Headquarters of 54 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, the most of any state

  • #1 in Tier One Universities in the United States

  • #1 destination in the United States for overseas visitors

  • Highly educated multi-cultural work force

  • Access to low-cost energy


Click here for a comprehensive overview of New York State, including a detailed map and information on each economic development region.

Click here for the New York State Data Center, with up-to-date economic statistics.

Industry Clusters

Industry clusters are groups of related industries located in one or more regions of the state. Empire State Development (ESD) has identified eight major industry clusters, including manufacturing and services.
ESD uses industry clusters as a framework for understanding the state and regional economies, and guiding economic development policy and initiatives. ESD and its partners have employed cluster-based analysis in the development of business marketing, export promotion, workforce policy development, regional economic planning, and other activities.
Below are links to profiles of New York State's industry clusters. Each profile provides a formal definition of the cluster, a summary of national and international market trends affecting the cluster, trends in New York cluster employment, and a summary of the cluster's presence in the state's economic development regions.