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Governor Hochul and Sanjay Mehrotra, Micron CEO

Micron Will Invest $100 Billion to Establish Leading-Edge Memory Fab in Central NY

Creating more than 9,000 good-paying company jobs and thanks to the Green CHIPS Community Fund’s investment of $500 million in community and workforce development, Micron is bringing transformative growth to New York State.

Governor Hochul and Sanjay Mehrotra, Micron CEO

Micron Technology, Inc., the world's fourth-largest semiconductor company — and the only memory and storage manufacturer in the United States — will invest $100 billion to build the largest semiconductor fabrication facility in the history of the United States in New York State. Spanning 1,400 acres. Micron’s new megafab will create nearly 50,000 New York jobs, which includes 9,000 high paying company jobs, further positioning New York State as a national leader in reshoring “future-proof" semiconductor jobs to the U.S.

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This state-of-the-art chip manufacturing complex will be located in the White Pine Commerce Park in the Town of Clay, Onondaga County. As part of the State’s first-in-the-nation “Green CHIPS” program, Micron, in partnership with Empire State Development, will establish the $500 million Green CHIPS Community Fund to ensure that the area directly benefits from the company’s presence. Micron will also implement a Green CHIPS Sustainability Plan designed to mitigate its greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, including utilizing 100% renewable energy, attaining LEED Gold status, and committing to greenhouse gas emission targets and reporting. Read Governor Hochul's press release here.

Central New York's Community Engagement Committee

Find out how the committee of local stakeholders are ensuring meaningful, ground-up participation and discussion of Micron’s transformative investments in Central NY.

Micron's $100 billion investment in New York marks the start of something transformative in scale and possibility for our state's economic future.
Kathy Hochul, Governor

New York Welcomes Micron

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Micron By The Numbers

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New Permanent Jobs by 2055

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20:1 ROI

Total benefit-cost ratio under the performance-based Green CHIPS program 

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in direct community investment

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renewable energy commitment

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in additional tax revenue over the next 20 years

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An economic impact study by REMI, Inc. projects that Micron will generate significant economic growth for New York State:  

  • Over 50,000 new permanent jobs in New York State by 2055, 70% in Central New York
  • Nearly 12,000 annual temporary jobs from capital expenditures from 2025-2044
  • $9.6 billion annually in real GDP impact from 2025-2055 
  • $16.7 billion annually in real output impact from 2025-2055 
  • $17.2 billion in total New York State government revenue (spanning 2025-2055) 
  • $31 billion in Micron construction spending, with 5,600 related jobs on average at federal prevailing wage for the initial 20 years (2025-2044) 

Micron is Bringing Billions in Economic Impact to New York State

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Micron’s investment in New York State includes a $500 million Green CHIPS Community Fund administered by Micron in partnership with ESD, in consultation with a local community engagement committee, and will be deployed in four areas: Workforce Development, Education, Community Assets and Organizations, and Affordable Housing. Learn more about ways the local community will benefit from Micron.  

Governor Hochul, Senator Schumer, ESD Commissioner Hope Knight and others at signing of Green CHIPS

As part of New York’s nation-leading Green CHIPS program Micron’s megafab will be a model in sustainability. Not only will the end-product support the green economy, but the manufacturing process will be done in a sustainable way, with Micron committing to utilizing 100% renewable energy for electricity in its New York fab complex and to prioritize in-state sources of renewable energy in alignment with New York State's Clean Energy Standard. Learn more about Micron's Green CHIPS sustainability commitments

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Governor Hochul at a podium in front for Green CHIPS announcement

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