Business Development Assistance

The Division of Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Development (DMMWBD) can provide you with information and resources to expand your business. These resources include:

  • Information on how to sell to New York State;
  • Information on current New York State contracting opportunities;
  • Tools for launching and expanding your business;
  • Information on business training, technical support, access to capital programs, and more.

NYS MWBE Training Tuesdays Webinar Series

What is the "Training Tuesdays" webinar series?
This is a series of online capacity builder seminars. It informs participants on best practices in marketing your business to NYS Agencies & Authorities, and equips you with available resources in positioning your business to compete successfully.

What topics are discussed during the webinars?

  • Training topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Leveraging discretionary purchasing
  • Increasing capacity through the capacity building Mentor-Protege Program
  • Developing effective marketing strategies
  • Upcoming large contracting opportunities
  • Doing business with NYS Agencies and Authorities

Where can I find the list of training?
Click here for the schedule and to register.

Supply & Demand Utilization (SDU): Opportunities for Real MWBE Growth Analysis and Strategies to Increase MWBE Participation

What is the Supply & Demand Utilization (SDU): Opportunities for Real MWBE Growth Initiative?
DMWBD has analyzed New York State contracting activities and identified meaningful opportunities in industries that have historically low rates of MWBE utilization.

DMWBD has launched a series of recruitment and business development activities to inform MWBEs about state contract opportunities within the industries and sub industries that have low rates of MWBE utilization.

How has Empire State Development launched this effort?
DMWBD has initiated specific strategies tailored to the unique needs of each industry which include:

1. Certification
a. Fast track new certification applications of firms within target industries.
b. Work with trade organizations and Chambers of Commerce on certification drives to increase applications from firms within the target industries.

2. Business Development
a. SDU certified MWBEs are offered direct business development assistance to help these MWBEs meet the capacity needs of the state agencies that
purchase goods or services within their industries.

3. Spending
a. Advocacy with the state agencies and authorities that have the largest spending amounts within the target industries to increase their use of MWBE vendors.
b. Identifying, and targeting and enhanced marketing of discretionary purchase opportunities.

For more information on the SDU Initiative, please see the Fact Sheet here.

New York State Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Mentor-Protege Program

The New York State MWBE Mentor-Protege Program aims to build the capacity of MWBE proteges to participate as subcontractors and suppliers on state contracts. Participating prime contractors provide their MWBE proteges with technical training and opportunities for on-the-job learning. The Mentor-Proteges  program is administered by the DMWBD, which approves and monitors mentor-protege relationships.

For more information on the New York State Mentor Protege Program - please see the Fact Sheet here.

To review a sample Mentor/Protege Agreement please click here.

To propose a Mentor-Protege Agreement for approval by the DMWBD, please contact

Additional Business Development Resources:

The DMWBD wants to be a partner in your success. For more information about any of these initiatives, or if you need direct business development assistance to help you to grow your business please contact us at:

MWBE RESOURCE LINE ● (855) 373-4692