New York State High Performance Computing Program

High Performance Computing Program


New York State is a global leader in computational resources and talent in the areas of simulation-based engineering and high-performance computing. The Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) supports the High Performance Computing Consortium (HPCNY) in order to leverage these resources, helping New York State companies gain competitive advantage through cost-effective access to advanced computing assets and expertise.

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HPCNY offers several forms of support to industry to solve business, technology and R&D needs:

  • Provides access to its high-speed networks and high-performance platforms, enabling industrial entities and research groups to make scientific breakthroughs and to accelerate the engineering and development path of complex, groundbreaking designs to reliable, accurate, innovative product and process performance that can provide a competitive advantage.
  • Provides education, outreach and training in simulation-based engineering science. In addition to other resources, HPCNY also offers web-based tutorial and training sessions and user support. Visit the HPCNY website for more information.


The diverse sectors of companies HPCNY has leveraged its vast resources for include those in advanced manufacturing, healthcare/pharma, semiconductor, engineering services, multimedia entertainment, software development and big data, as well as microfluidics, biotech, energy and automotive.

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How to Apply

Complete an application/inquiry form for access to high-performance computing assets.