New York State: Home to a Diverse and Talented Workforce

New York State’s diverse and talented workforce is a key to business success and growth here. That success is reflected in the record number of Fortune 500 companies that have made their home in New York, in the state’s top-tier educational institutions – and in the state’s ongoing investment in the talent of tomorrow.  Unlock your business success in the Empire State and take a look at some of the reasons why businesses are starting, growing and thriving in New York: 


in the Northeast in total number of STEM grads


in the nation for the highest number of residents who are scientists and engineers


in the country for high-tech employment

We’re educating tomorrow’s workforce 

New York is home to top public and private universities (the only state with two Ivies) and to the largest comprehensive public university system in the nation. The state’s now home to the nation’s first tuition-free degree program, the Excelsior Scholarship, whose recipients pledge to stay in New York post-graduation – lending their talent and expertise to NYS businesses. And millennials are discovering New York State offers affordable places to live, work and grow their careers. 

New York State: The Millennial Effect

With more than 4 million millennials in New York State’s workforce, new faces and perspectives are bringing a breath of fresh air a variety of cities and towns, spearheading innovation and revitalizing local communities.

New York State is partnering with LinkedIn to connect innovative companies with the State’s top talent.

Learning never stops

New York State is actively invested in workforce development efforts and programs designed to train workers for an innovation economy – such as the state’s recently announced Tech Training Fund. New York’s unique industry-university partnerships, including NYSTAR programs and tax-free zones for businesses, also provide opportunities for businesses to benefit from university R&D resources and for students to get hands-on experience in businesses that are launching and growing here. 

Our diversity strengthens businesses

New York’s business leaders know that the state’s diverse workforce is its strength. The state has a history of embracing diversity and equal rights, with a 2016 “Open Doors Campaign” affirming that legacy and supported by leaders of companies including PepsiCo and Mastercard.