NFP Grant Program

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ESD’s Not for Profit Capital Grant Program will support not-for-profit organizations that provide economic support in their region by providing matching funds for capital improvements. 

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The program is a 50/50 matching grant with funding available for capital grants of up to $100,000 each to support projects that provide a community benefit to the area the organization serves. A strong emphasis will be placed on the degree of community impact, project readiness, and the applicant’s capacity to complete the project if awarded. Priority will be given to projects that benefit the populations and entities the organization serves and provides services to. Project examples include: 

  1. Expansion and/or upgrades to the organizations’ facility resulting in new or increased programming or services;
  2. Capital improvements that enable the organization to provides services year round rather then only during certain times of the year; or
  3. Other projects at ESD’s discretion that show acceptable community benefits.
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501(c)(3) Not-for-profit organizations whose mission is to provide an economic and community benefit to the area the organization serves.

— Only one grant per business EIN is allowed;

**Associations, professional service organizations and fiscal sponsors will not be considered for funding.