Beer summit display of apples and grapes

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo hosted New York's second Wine, Beer and Spirits Summit in April 2014. The summit was once again attended by dozens of beer, wine, cider, and spirits producers, as well as farmers, industry officials, and tourism experts. Summit participants discussed with state agency officials and members of the Governor's Cabinet specific legislative and regulatory issues facing the industry; and it was announced by the Governor that the state will be launching a $6 million marketing and promotional commitment to raise the profile of New York's beverage industry. The participants continued to explore new ways for the state to work as a partner to further solidify New York's position as a leading hub of beer, wine, spirits and cider production and tourism.

Beverage business in New York

Since the first summit, legislation has been enacted and several initiatives launched to help the beer, wine and spirits industry.  Promotional efforts such as Taste NY have put New York's beverage industry in the spotlight both nationally and internationally.

 At the 2012 summit, beer, wine, spirits, and cider manufacturers and wholesalers raised concerns about the number of different state agencies that they must deal with, not only to go into business, but to stay in compliance. These businesses, many of whom are small and do not retain attorneys on a full time basis, do not know what agency they must deal with for a particular issue and therefore can be unnecessarily subject to avoidable fines.
To address this issue, the Governor announced that a one stop shop will be established within Empire State Development. The one stop shop provides the industry a single point of contact and place to call for all assistance. To date, the One Stop Shop has fielded direct requests from over 300 business owners and entrepreneurs. It works collaboratively with the SLA, Department of Tax and Finance, Department of Agriculture and Markets, and the Department of Environmental Conservation to create a comprehensive online resource containing all relevant license and regulation information.  At this most recent summit, Governor Cuomo unveiled One Stop Shop 2.0, which will now market available state financing options to the farm based beverage industry.  Other initiatives that will be launched include: a new on-line market place to connect farmers to beverage producers, a new business mentor program for the craft beverage industry at ESD, and state-facilitated webinars which will touch on a variety of industry-related topics.

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