image of a monument with the American flag at Radisson in Syracuse

Radisson Community Project

image of a monument with the American flag at Radisson in Syracuse

Radisson is one of many planned unit development communities being developed in the United States. When complete, Radisson will provide nearly 3,500 homes for up to 11,000 people as well as a large Corporate Park and a wide range of recreational, educational, cultural, shopping and community services. Presently, Radisson is about 80% complete.

Covering an area of more than 4.5 square miles, Radisson is located 12 miles northwest of Syracuse and 1 mile east of Baldwinsville, New York. It is bounded on the east by the Seneca River, on the north and west by the New York State Wildlife Management Area, and on the south by New York State Route 31. Major highways provide easy access to all services and metropolitan areas. Hancock Airport serves as the major commercial air center.

The site was purchased in 1969 by the New York State Urban Development Corporation (UDC) d/b/a Empire State Development  (ESD), which is Radisson's Developer. Formerly farmland, the United States Department of War acquired the property for use as a World War II Ordnance Works. Originally named Lysander New Community, its present name is derived from a mid-17th Century French explorer of the Syracuse area - Pierre Esprit Radisson. He was also a co-founder of the Hudson Bay Company.


About Radisson Community 


Radisson offers Central New York's most diverse housing selections. Quality single family homes are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. Townhouses, patio homes, condominiums, and apartments are also available.


Schools are a part of the Baldwinsville Central School District. One site has been reserved for a future elementary school in Radisson. Several local colleges, including Syracuse University, provide a full range of educational opportunities.


The 950 acre Radisson Corporate Park provides building sites for industry and offices. To date, 40 firms employing 2500 people have located in the park.. These firms produce products as diverse as beer, fruit, printing and electronic components. Sites ranging from 2 to 80 acres are available and all are serviced with underground water, sewage, gas, electric, and telephone utilities.


Several strip malls with big box retailers, department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, banks, and grocery stores are located within 2 miles of Radisson on Route 31.  The Stewarts Express convenience store and gas station is located off Willett Parkway South at the entrance to Radisson.



The Town of Lysander provides services such as highway maintenance and snow plowing for all roads in Radisson. Special districts for fire, drainage, and lighting are also managed by the Town; while responsibility for  sewer and water services is shared with Onondaga County. The Town provides other important services such as recreation, zoning, building permits, licensing, conservation, dog control, and local Justice Court. The Town also collects taxes for the county, Town and local school districts. The Town Offices are located in Radisson.


A 24 hour substation of the New York State Police is located on Route 31 near the Willett Parkway entrance.


A fire station operated by the Belgium-Cold Springs Volunteer Fire Department is located at the corner of Loop Road and West Entry Road in Radisson.

Health Care

Radisson Health Center on Willett Parkway in Radisson provides a complete range of physician services including family practice and dentistry. Other major health and medical centers are also located nearby.

Day Care and Nursery School

Childtime Child Care, Inc. and Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center are private, professional day care facilities operating from their locations on Loop Road and Willett Parkway in the Corporate Park. The Radisson Community Association operates the Radisson Nursery School for 3 and 4 year old children, considered one of the finest nursery schools in the area. The school is located in the Aspen House Community Center on North Entry Road. 

Radisson Community Association, Inc.

The Radisson Community Association, Inc. (RCA) is a Not-For-Profit Corporation formed for the primary purpose of promoting the health, safety, welfare, education, recreation and cultural enrichment of owners/members and residents of Radisson. Additionally, the RCA is obligated to preserve, protect and enhance certain lands and facilities set aside for the common use and enjoyment of the owners/members and residents of the community (Common Property). Annual assessments are charged to operate and maintain the various community facilities, recreational amenities, services and programs.

The RCA is governed by an elected Board of Directors whose primary role is to establish policies. A full-time professional staff is employed to carry out these policies and manage the day-to-day operations and affairs of the Corporation. Volunteer committees are also an integral part of the RCA and assist the Board. RCA is an active member of the Community Association Institute (CAI) which represents over 150,000 community associations nationwide. For more information regarding the Radisson Community Association, visit

Development and Control

In order to preserve the value of the homes and businesses in Radisson, certain community guidelines and standards have been established. All property within Radisson is subject to the Radisson Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The Radisson Declaration and the By-Laws of the Corporation set forth the rules, restrictions, regulations and the organized structures necessary to protect and maintain the high standards of the community. Radisson's development philosophy is characterized by its efforts to maintain the natural environment, park-like setting and architectural design standards for homes and businesses. More information regarding the Radisson Declaration is available through the Radisson Community Association Office.

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Radisson Community Development Project Contact Information

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Project Manager, Radisson Development
Empire State Development
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