Regional Revitalization Partnership

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Developed through a collaborative effort, the Regional Revitalization Partnership is a $300 million private and public regional co-investment in three interconnected geographic areas: Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Rochester. This community-driven strategy seeks to build local wealth and empower residents using a model that drives economic development through government and philanthropic partnerships.

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The partnership will maximize social and economic impact in three Western New York cities by co-investing in projects and programs aimed at improving economic conditions to benefit these communities’ residents and businesses. It builds upon and accelerates collaborative, community-driven bodies of work that are already underway.

New York State will commit $200 million; Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, along with other philanthropic and corporate partners will commit $81 million; and the remaining $19 million will come from each city’s local government.

The three pillars of the program are:

  • Fostering small businesses, by providing programs to help improve and grow these enterprises, especially those owned by women and people of color, which expand choices for goods/services to these neighborhoods, revenue/income for community members, and job opportunities;
  • Investing in placemaking, by funding improvements to local business districts, rebuilding community anchors and revitalizing neighborhoods; and;
  • Preparing our workforce, by enhancing local residents’ skills and improving their access to opportunities for good-paying jobs.

Funded Projects and Programs

  • A combined $180 million effort in Buffalo focusing on an expansion of projects and programs being conducted in historic East Buffalo, including more than $60 million for the Buffalo Central Terminal and its CTRC steward organization; $37 million for Broadway Market capital improvements and to set up a not-for-profit operating entity; major investments in the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor and to restore historic greenhouses at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.
  • A combined $40 million effort in Niagara Falls will supplement initial funding growing out of the ESD/City 2021 planning efforts, including a $19 million program focused on food entrepreneurship anchored around that city’s historic City Market area along Pine Avenue; a $15 million program to restore, highlight and promote various heritage and community anchor facilities; and $5M of small business assistance programs in the aforementioned commercial district target areas.
  • A combined $80 million effort in Rochester, which could include major additional investments in that city’s ongoing waterfront efforts, such as ROC the Riverway and High Falls State Park; further support/expansion of a multi-faceted workforce training programs/facilities; and targeted small business assistance along commercial corridors in that city’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.
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Additional Resources

A summary of the RRP’s strategies, implementation approach, projects, programs and targeted geographic areas is available here.

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How to Apply

Funding has already been earmarked for projects in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Inquiries regarding projects in Rochester are asked to contact: [email protected].