Long Island Success Story

GE Aviation Takes Flight in New York

GE AVIATION SystemsThere's no take-off runway for GE Aviation Systems, LLC out of Bohemia, Long Island. The company, the world's leading producer of large and small jet engines for commercial and military aircraft, is quite committed to growing its business in New York State. 
"GE is committed to growing our business in Long Island and will invest in capital equipment, building renovations, employee training and the application of green technology whenever possible," said GE Aviation's General Manager Bill Collins.  "We are in a tough economic environment in the Aerospace industry and we need our Long Island facility to be prosperous.  Over the next 10 years, GE will help the Long Island facility grow in size and in new product development."
GE in Long Island produces power conversion products and cockpit control assemblies and panels for the most notable military and commercial platforms in the air and on the ground. Some of the major platforms it supplies from Long Island include the C-130J, C-130AMP, C-5, AH-64, and UAVs, among others.
When the site was at risk of being closed in 2009, Governor David A. Paterson and Empire State Development (ESD) stepped up to keep the Bohemia plant in operation with a $10 million grant, enabling GE Aviation to take the necessary steps to protect the future of its business. 
Today, the plant remains strategically engaged and competitive. 
New York State is proud that, even in these tough economic times, it makes every effort to support and retain high-technology firms which are vital to creating new well-paying jobs and strengthening and growing Long Island's economy.
"The strength of Long Island lies in its wealth of academic and research institutions, high quality, highly skilled labor force, proximity to New York City and extensive transportation network," said ESD's Long Island Regional Director Andrea Lohneiss. "The region is a world leader in technology development and ESD continues to foster that, through our investments in research and development, as well as our support of businesses like GE Aviation." 
"The Long Island facility has a promising future," Collins added.  "Over the next 10 years, GE will help this site grow in size and in new product development. GE employees at Long Island are talented and committed to grow the business."
GE Aviation Systems is a leading global provider of electrical power systems, avionics, actuation and landing gear, aerostructures and propeller systems to the builders and operators of military and civil aircraft, from large transports to fighters, UAVs to armored vehicles, and from helicopters to regional and business jets. GE Aviation Systems is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs 9,000 people at manufacturing, repair and overhaul facilities around the world.