Restore New York Communities Initiative

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The Restore New York Communities Initiative (“Restore NY”) provides municipalities with financial assistance for the revitalization of commercial and residential properties. The program encourages community development and neighborhood growth through the elimination and redevelopment of blighted structures.

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Program Launch: Friday October 28, 2022

Intent to Apply Form Due: Wednesday November 30, 2022, by 5:00pm EST

Final Application Due: Friday January 27, 2023, by 3:00pm EST

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Restore New York funding is available for projects involving the demolition, deconstruction, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of vacant, abandoned, condemned and surplus properties.

Applicants must:

  • Be initiated by municipalities
  • Demonstrate at least a 10% match; and
  • Hold a public hearing to discuss the application and the property assessment list

Selection Process:

Applications are initially evaluated at the regional level.

Applications are scored against specific guidelines and how strongly they meet the goals of the program, which are to:

  • Induce commercial investment 
  • Improve the local housing stock

Priority is given to projects in Empire Zones and Brownfield Opportunity Areas, as well as to projects that leverage other state or federal redevelopment, remediation, or planning programs.

There is also a strong emphasis placed on projects from economically distressed communities.

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How to Apply

What You Need to Apply

  1. Restore NY Round 7 Guidelines
  2. Intent to Apply Form (Due November 30) – ATTENTION: No application will be accepted unless the Intent to Apply form has been submitted.
  3. Restore NY Application Packet Part A
  4. Restore NY Application Packet Part B
  5. Site Control Affidavit for Non-Municipally Owned Properties
  6. CFA Application 
  7. SHPO Review Portal

After ESD receives an Intent to Apply form, applicants will receive the application packet (also available above). The application packet contains documents that will be needed for the official online application. The official application process will occur through the CFA Portal (link above). 

For additional information on the application process, please see detailed program information below and/or contact your regional office.

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Additional Resources

Program Launch:  Friday October 28, 2022


Restore NY Round 7 Final Application Reminders:

  • Final applications are due at 3:00pm on Friday January 27, 2023.
  • If a community decides to reapply for a project not funded in the present round, it does not have to file another letter of intent and will be deemed eligible, unless after receipt of the previous LOI, ESD advised that the project is not an eligible Restore project.
  • A complete Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) must be submitted by 3:00pm on Friday January 27, 2023.
  • The municipal resolution must be complete, finalized, and in the final application packet (submitted through the CFA).
  • A property assessment list must be published in a local daily newspaper (either in print or online) for three consecutive days.
  • Evidence of the three-day posting must be included in the final application packet (submitted through the CFA).
  • Please contact your regional office if you are having trouble with the CFA.

Final Application Due: Friday January 27, 2023, at 3:00pm