Smart Cities Innovation Partnership: Municipal Testbed Applicants

Municipal governments interested in embedding smart cities solutions into their operations are encouraged to apply to become a designated Municipal Testbed. Municipal Testbeds will receive support to accelerate the integration of smart cities solutions into their processes to provide better public services and improve quality of life.

Interested applicants will be required to partner with an Anchor Institution who will administer and support their smart cities projects under this partnership. Applicants may choose an Anchor Institution from the full list HERE. Applicants should reach out to potential Anchor Institution partners and work together to develop projects that will be partially funded by the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership.

Applicants may be asked to present their proposed projects to the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership selection committee virtually in June 2020. These presentations should outline a partnership with an Anchor Institution and detail in greater specificity the smart cities problem areas to be resolved via the program.

Apply Here by 6/8/20

If you’d like to receive updates about the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership please email: [email protected]

For a list of smart cities case studies, click here. This list may be updated periodically.

Municipal Testbed applicants are encouraged to attend the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership webinars.

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