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Applicants are required to shoot on a stage at one of the facilities listed below. If you are using any non-stage locations owned by the facility, you should contact the Film Office.

A map of Regions in New York State is available here. The Soundstage Directory below can be filtered by Region and is searchable by County, Region and any field.

*Any soundstage meeting the definition of a Qualified Production Facility (“QPF”), as that term is defined in Section 24 of the Tax Law, may request to be listed on this website. The New York State Department of Economic Development (the “Department”) does not endorse or recommend any QPF listed on this website, or make any guarantees as to the safety or fitness of any QPF for any particular project or purpose. In no event shall the Department be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage arising from your use of a QPF.

As New York State reopens, industry-specific guidance for Media Production has been released as part of Phase Four of the New York Forward regional phased reopening plan.

This industry specific guidance includes: Summary Guidance, Detailed Guidance with an affirmation link, and a Business Safety Plan Template. Please refer to the links below for detailed information and guidelines on when Phase Four will begin and on operating legally and safely in your region.

New York Forward: Business Reopening

New York State is providing detailed information on region and industry-specific reopening plans.

Business Reopening Lookup Tool

The NY Forward Business Reopening Lookup tool will help determine whether your business is able to reopen and the public health and safety standards with which your business must comply.
Soundstage Directory
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1000 Dean Street
Jacob Bernat
1000 Dean Street
Brooklyn New York 11238
Level: One
New York City
Kings County
7,380 sq. ft.
15 Warren Street Stage
Di Ma
15 Warren Street
Albany New York 12202
Level: N/A
(446) 676-1938
Albany County
12,262 sq. ft.
1717 Troutman
David Steinberg
1717 Troutman Street
Brooklyn New York 11385
Level: One
(917) 415-3151
New York City
Kings County
11,500 sq. ft.
189 Studio
Summer Allison
189 1st Avenue
Brooklyn New York 11215
Level: One
New York City
Kings County
7,800 sq. ft.
1896 Studios & Stages
Loren Erdrich
592 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn New York 11237
Level: One
New York City
Kings County
7,100 sq. ft.
19th Avenue Stage
Jeremiah Dalton
19-02 Steinway Street
Astoria New York 11105
Level: Two
(718) 906-9440
New York City
Queens County
11,000 sq. ft.
303 Stages, LLC
Carl Sturges
100 Corporate Drive Suite 201
Blauvelt New York 10913
Level: N/A
(212) 239-3939
Rockland County
8,250 sq. ft.
52nd Street Stages
Lisa Lyle
140 53rd Street
Brooklyn New York 11232
Level: Two
(609) 896-2660
New York City
Kings County
8,250 sq. ft.
70 Commerce Studios
Michael Didyoung
70 Commerce Street
Brooklyn New York 11231
Level: One
(205) 886-6656
New York City
Kings County
10,000 sq. ft.
ABC Studios
Bill Rego
47 West 66th Street
New York New York 10023
Level: Two
(212) 456-3650
New York City
New York County
12,677 sq. ft.