Atlantic Yards
Arena Opening Traffic Mitigation Plan


As part of the transportation improvements related to the Atlantic Yards project, begin on or around July 15, 2011, the following permanent changes will be made to the roadway network:

Fourth Avenue (between Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue only) will be converted to one-way southbound to improve traffic flow at the Flatbush Avenue/Atlantic Avenue/Fourth Avenue intersection. Pacific Street (between Fourth Avenue and Flatbush Avenue only) will be reversed, changing from one-way westbound to one-way eastbound. To accommodate this change, a new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue, as will a new crosswalk across Flatbush Avenue. Vehicles will be able to make right or left turns onto Flatbush Avenue at this location. This block can be accessed from both northbound and southbound Fourth Avenue.

Fourth Avenue northbound traffic, including all commercial vehicles, can use Third Avenue via Atlantic Avenue to access Flatbush Avenue. Pacific Street will offer secondary access to Flatbush Avenue. No through truck traffic will be permitted on Pacific Street.

Please view this Traffic Mitigation presentation for more details, and a video animation of the new traffic pattern below.

Advisory signs will be posted in advance of the changes and traffic agents will be on-site to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Atlantic Yards - Future Traffic Pattern

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