City-by-City Projects

The City-by-City approach focuses on reducing the costs of business, adapting to an Innovation Economy and strengthening infrastructure. The City-by-City plan aims to provide each upstate region with a targeted and comprehensive economic development strategy, as well as a set of priority projects based on its unique assets, competitive advantages and stakeholders' input. The projects are a critical step in developing both short- and long-range plans for each region of the state.

City-by-City projects are funded via the New York State Economic Development Program, based on a Memorandum of Understanding ("Upstate Stadiums MOU") entered into by the Governor or his designee; the Temporary President and Majority Leader of the Senate or his designee; and the Speaker of the Assembly or his designee. Project proposal(s) shall be deemed approved unless, within thirty (30) days of receipt of any project proposal(s), either the Governor, Temporary President and Majority Leader of the Senate or the Speaker of the Assembly notifies the Director of the Budget that such project proposal(s) shall be disapproved.


Contact Information
For information on City-by-City funding, please contact your ESD Regional Office