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Midtown Rising is a redevelopment partnership that will position Rochester for its future by significantly shaping the rebirth of the downtown core through major public and private investment, job creation and infrastructure development.  At the heart of the project is the rehabilitation of the nearly 9-acre former Midtown Plaza into a mixed-use area designed to attract a critical mass of residents and 24 7 amenities that contribute to a vibrant live-work environment. 
Redeveloping the former Midtown site is essential for any hope of downtown revitalization, as Midtown encompasses the core of Rochester' s City Center. In 2007, New York State and the City of Rochester began taking the necessary steps to acquire, remediate and rehabilitate the site for reuse.  The redevelopment plan for Midtown Plaza sets the stage for a resurgence of downtown activity and will help redefine Rochester' s City Center for future generations.
Midtown Rising is an 8-10 year development plan which began in 2008. To date, Empire State Development (ESD) has invested $55 million, along with $20 million from the City of Rochester.  Tentative agreements are in place with PAETEC Communications Inc. to locate 1,000 employees on-site in a new headquarters building, as well as with Christa Morgan Development to adaptively reuse the former Midtown Tower into market-rate luxury residential rentals and condos.  The plan breaks the site down into seven development parcels with a re-established street grid.  Once completed, the site will accommodate about one million square feet of office, residential, hotel and retail space and will create approximately 2,000 new jobs for downtown Rochester.


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