Utica Crescent (Vital Brooklyn Site K)

ESD adopted a General Project Plan (GPP) for the Utica Crescent Mixed Use Project (a Land Use Improvement and Residential Project) on February 17, 2022. The GPP allows for the redevelopment of a surface parking lot (832 Rutland Road) in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush neighborhood into a new multi-use building that includes new affordable housing, retail, a healthcare facility, and social services spaces.

The proposed project is part of the State of New York’s Vital Brooklyn Initiative, a comprehensive community development initiative that addresses chronic social, economic, and health disparities in Central Brooklyn. The Initiative aims to break down barriers to health and well-being through eight integrated areas of investment: open space and recreation; healthy food; education; economic empowerment; community-based violence prevention; community-based health care; affordable housing; and resiliency.

As part of Vital Brooklyn, HCR released a Request for Proposals in November 2018 to develop eight sites in Central Brooklyn with new affordable housing and ancillary facilities to advance the initiative’s goals. HCR designated 832 Rutland Road as ‘Site K’ in the RFP and, in partnership with ESD, conditionally designated the Utica Crescent proposal as the winning Site K bidder.

ESD’s Directors are currently seeking comments from the public on the proposed Utica Crescent project. Additional information on the public hearing and other opportunities to provide comment are below.

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